Saturday, April 08, 2006

Please Send Saul Some Encouraging Words

I think that you already hear what happend with our friend Saul last monday in the race .
Saul was in a crash,with about 2km to go in the 193km stage from Mouilleron Le Captif to Saint Mars La Jaille, breaking his clavicle and one rib as well as suffering serious cuts and abrasions to his face.
Saul is in serious condition at a hospital in Angers, France due to injuries he sustained during the opening stage of the Circuit de la Sarthe.

Saul , 23, “suffered a brain hemorrhage early Thursday morning, forcing doctors to induce a coma to stabilize his condition and reduce pressure on the brain
I am writing you all to ask for your prayers for a close friend of us and USA Cycling .
I know that miracles can happen which is what he needs now.
Saul is a strong guy and I now he is fighting hard in his bad postion in the hospital in France .
Noel our teammanager is traveling to the hospital to see Saul and his Parents .
Can I ask you to reply or answer this email with some strong words for Saul and his family .
So we can give Saul and his family courage in the hard coming days .
I'm going to collect all your words of courage and give it to Noel in France so he can give it to Saul's Family .
Hope that I am going to receive alot of emails !!!!
If you guys now more people that want to write something please feel free to give them the email address.

Kindest Regards

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Le Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux

Another race report coming from the U23 National Team over here in Belgium. Well, nothing good to say about the first stage. Rabobank U23 D3 is very strong. They man handled the race. We all missed a split that put us out of the GC.

The next day was 8.5k TT in the morning with a 120k road stage in the afternoon. Crane went well in the TT with 11th place. I rode the TT conservatively because I was already three and half minutes down on 40 riders. With my tt bike and complete aero set up, my SRM still showed an average power of 400 watts for 11 minutes 18 seconds. That put me 53rd. Lars Boom from Rabobank won the time trial with a time of 10 minutes 2 seconds. Just think about that power.In the afternoon stage, I crashed on the circuits and had to ride the last 30k in the wind by myself on my spare bike. That sucked. Devine did a good job finishing 11th place.

On the last day, Rabobank put it in the gutter 60k in and shattered the race. Devine was the only guy to make it in the front. Crane, Deeny and myself were in the third group that was pulled by the 100k mark. I was exhausted. Once again, Devine had a great day at the front and salvaged the national teams weekend by finishing 15th.

More to come this weekend, when we hit up Gaverstreek 2.12 stage race.