Thursday, September 07, 2006

Izegem Kermesse

Izegem Kermesse
The Izegem Kermesse was today, so Wolf and I decided to go do it.  It was cool doing race less than 1k from the housel.  In the race the first hour everything stayed together.  I drove it hard through one of the streets that had rough roads and it shattered the race.  That was pretty cool.  The front group was maybe 20 riders with me in it.  A Beveren rider got away with someone else with a few laps to go.  We didn't catch them.  A Lithuanian rider got away from our group right before the finish and I won the sprint for 4th.  I also got a bunch of primes so it was a good race.

Trois Province

Circuits de Trois Province France 2.13

Stage 1- The first stage started fast as shit. We hit 4 climbs in the first 50k and we were attacking before, during and after each one. I covered way too many moves and when the decisive split happened I was caught behind it. I think it was over one of the climbs but all I know is I couldn’t go with it. It was just gone. So I finished 14 minutes down on the main group of 50. Wolf and Crane came in with the front group at 17th and 18th.

Stage 2- The second day was another 140k with rolling hills. I think there were 3 climbs with gpm’s(mountain points). I raced today more conservatively, paying the price already for the hard day before. When we hit the circuits I was struggling pretty good. There was hard climb on the finish line that kept blowing the field apart. On the last lap I got caught behind and just rode in with a small group. I finished a couple minutes down on the front group of maybe 25.

Stage 3- With the morning stage started at 9am, it was an early day. The race was 100k in the morning followed by an afternoon 14k time trial to end the stage race. Today I decided I was just going to sit back and just kind of watch the race. I got in a break when we entered the finishing circuits of 4 laps of 9k. We stayed away until 1 lap to go. I got up in the sprint but started a bit far back. I winded up 8th. Wolf also had a good ride for 12th. I felt pretty bad for the tt, so I just rode it so I didn't kill myself. Keith and Wolf had a good tt at 9th and 10th.

Oudenburg Belgium 1.12

Oudenburg, Belgium 1.12

The race was 13 laps of a 12k circuit.  It was pretty much a glorified Kermesse.  After 50k there was a break of 13 up the road.  I was treating today as more of a training race, so I wasn't worried about being up there.  I was though going to make sure if another group went across that I was in it though.  Nothing went across but not without many failed attempts.  In the sprint for 14th, I think I was about 6th.  So with a top 20, it was a good effort and a great day of training.