Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nature Valley TT and Crit

Another flat tt 8k out and back. I took 5th, about 14 seconds behind teammate and winner Nathan O'neill. My power was good and I held almost the exact same split on the way out as on the way back in. The team had an impressive showing stacking 7 of us in the top 15.

Kirk took his second win this evening in the crit to put Health Net at 3 wins in a row. He is in second overall with Stevic of Toyota in the leaders jersey. Tomorrow's gonna be a blast...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yeah Nature Valley

So the first stage was a 1 hour crit. I didn't get to ride yesterday so I was just hoping I could open up during the first part of the race. I felt like crap for the first 30 minutes, but then came around. I screwed the finish up and was too far back when it got wound up. Kirk went 2nd with Rory 5th and Pipp maybe 10th. I'm hoping to get up there and at least do some better work tomorrow.