Sunday, August 26, 2007

Portland and stuff

It's been a bit since I've done a blog update. Anyhow I just got back from Portland for a Health Net Twilight Crit. If the name doesn't give a clue the team needed to win this one. I attacked off the front with around 15 laps to go and stuck it for a solo vic. Doug jumped off the front on the last lap and took second. Hartley was third after chopping Kirk and almost crashing him. Chopping the just recent national crit champ isn't really a great idea but maybe he didn't know it was him. Kirk was still 4th and Roman rolled in with 10th. Anyhow, for flying across country Thursday, race Friday, and flying back Saturday it was a pretty cool weekend. I have to say that Portland is one of the coolest towns I've been too in a long time. We spent some time downtown Friday night and it was going off. Really cool town.