Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Today was a windy race, so from the gun I new it was going to shatter. It actually took a little while for it to blow to peices, but when it did it was destroyed! I came into the finishing circuits with Sheldon and I in front group. Beveren was the only othe team with 2 riders in the 15 man group. Beveren attacked on the first lap of the circuits, and really caught us off guard. I tried to go but couldn't do it. So it winded up being 6 guys off the front. I attacked out of the group, and went to bridge to the front group. Literally as soon as I got onto them, Beveren attacked again. Two of the guys from the break couldn't follow either. So I rode the next few k's with them. I attacked them on the climb soon after though on the 2nd of 4 X 10k laps. I got away and basically just TT'd my ass off for the next 20 something kilometers. I caught them right at the beginning of the 3rd lap, and Beveren attacked again immediately, and I couldn't respond. Back to TT'ing. So I held off the chasing group and finished 5th. It was a big effort, but a good race. I'm happy about it.