Sunday, March 09, 2008


So we wrapped up Taiwan with a big team effort to maintain my yellow and green jersey.  With less then 10 seconds going into the last two days of racing it was a bit stressful.  It all worked out in the end though and I won the gc and the points competition.   I'm finally back in Athens trying to recover from the 12 hr time change.  I think I'm going back to sleep now...

Gritters wins Stage 6 of Tour of Taiwan!!!

After spending all day in the break, "TruGrit" got to the finish with only team type 1's Kobzerinko and Grit took the sprint by bike lengths. There were 3 breakaway remnants 25 seconds behind them for 3rd-5th. I took the field sprint for 6th and held onto yellow and green. The last two stages are 60k crits. Should be fun.

After stage 3. This is NON-alcoholic champaign... seriously

We just finished Stage 4. I won the 2nd and 3rd intermediate sprints to extend the points a bit. Finished 3rd so I got a few more valuable seconds for the overall.

Somewhere in Kaohsiung...
Overlooking Kaoihsung.
After Traveling halfway across the world to get to Taiwan, we had a good start to the race yesterday. With Gritters and I hitting the intermediate sprints hard I took the green jersey I tried to take O'bee to the win but couldn't catch the break with enough time to do it. The last 200 meters was tight and when we caught them there wasn't enough room to make the pass. so It was 6th and 7th with O'bee and me.