Monday, June 04, 2007

CSC and Lancaster

CSC- The race was on from the gun with Victor Rapinski(Navigators) almost lapping the field 40 laps. He eventually lost steam though and was brought back. Lots of other attacks but nothing stuck. It was so hot I was taking as many water bottles as I could and pouring them on my head and back. In the end Milne was our best finisher at 5th, and Rory at 10th. I went like 23rd I think.

The next day was Lancaster which I was pretty excited to race for the first time. The conditions were wet from rain all afternoon. I had some bad luck about 25km in with a front flat right before the main climb. I got a change and started to chase back in the cars. Half a lap later I got back in the main peloton. Tim Johnson(TJ) was up the road with 10 riders and a 2 minute gap. After that though my stomach was really bad, and my legs even worse. I threw up a bunch and had no power. I found myself unable to hold the wheel in front of me on the climbs and out of most the corners until I was eventually dropped. Tim winded up flatting out of the break and that pretty much ended his day as well. The break was eventually caught and the race reshuffled to put Pipp in the next break. Pipp winded up 3rd when Eisel(T Mobile) and Lagutin(Navigators) got off the front in the closing kilometers.