Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Health Net P/b Maxxis 2008

Getting Started
Starting a new season off is always an exciting time. Some new
teammates, staff, gear etc etc. For me as a returning rider things are
pretty simple; Most our sponsors are the same, only a few new teammates
(Collier, Cooke, and Zajicek) and a few staff changes. This makes it
much easier knowing what to expect at training camp and stuff. We are
wrapping the camp up now which was in Salvang, Ca. We got in some
quality kilometers on our new Super Six Cannondales which are fully
carbon awesomnous. We gave the bike some good testing up the local
"Figuroa" climb. We also got to set up our new Slice full carbon TT
rigs which are superfast. I'm hoping to improve on my TT'ing from last
year and this bike WILL help.For me this year is a big one. My training has been going pretty well
now since December. I'm doing ToC so I've been focused and the power
is good and continues to improve. The slightly smaller team this year
should open up more opportunities as well. A couple more weeks of
training and ToC will kick off the season.