Saturday, September 23, 2006

Triptique Barrages 2.2

September 9-10
This was a pretty hard race. 2 days, 3 stages with the second day having a 16k TT in the morning and a 100k stage in the afternoon. The first day went fine. I did lots of work with Mike Wolf to bring a break back that we lazily missed. After that I got in the break just to get popped out of it on the climb in the finishing circuits. I actually went all the way through the two groups behind and lost a bunch of time. Oh well. In the TT I went pretty well to finish 20th. That was a good feeling. Oh yeah, Rabobank now have guys sitting 1st,2nd,3rd,5th, and 6th after the time trial. The Afternoon stage was a hard one with lots of climbs. I think I came off 7 times, chasing back each time. I think I was in the cars(caravan) more than the peloton. Finally I was popped with 10k to go and just rode in with a small group. My legs were pretty toast after that.